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The Certificate in Practical Christian Ministry was launched in 2007. This programme is for all in the Body of Christ who understand and desire to fulfill the Great Commission and be raised up for the Lord's purposes in these final days. Through a hands-on and practical approach, the Certificate programme aims to challenge the Christian to be doers of the Word, with the key emphasis for knowledge to be used and applied in his or her life, situations and spiritual walk.

The Certificate in Practical Christian Ministry is a one-year basic programme designed to equip the saints for the work of the ministry.


It has been structured with a holistic approach to provide the necessary training and exposure for each participant, through a good mix of instruction and application. If you have been a Christian for at least two years, and your desire is to begin to make a difference for the Lord in all that you do, this programme is for you.






These are "how-to" subjects that will equip you for effective ministry and service, whilst spurring you on to spiritual growth and maturity. Equipping Courses are conducted across 4 sessions, once a week over 4 weeks on Wednesday evenings. Sessions start at 7:30pm and end by 10:00pm

1. Basic Practical Christianity (Rev Dr Francis Khoo)
Understanding creation and God’s plan for man. Approaching the power of the Word through the finished work of Jesus at the cross so that we can be more than conquerors.
2. Intimacy with God (Dr Adrian Lim)
This course explores the reasons and practical means of building intimacy with God. Students are taught on the various ways that God communicates with His people and how to hear God’s voice.
3. The Spiritual Disciplines (Ps Ricky Sim)
This course will address the topics and issues of spiritual disciplines and how they can facilitate spiritual transformation in the lives of the disciples of Christ. Understanding this positions students to pursue God for a closer walk with Him.
4. Gifts of the Holy Spirit (Rev Jeffrey Paul Weber)
​This course teaches about the gifts and manifestations of the Holy Spirit in Spirit-filled believers and provides an understanding of the need to receive the Holy Spirit as a prerequisite to exercising these gifts.
5. Healing for Restoration (Rev Dr Samuel Dhanaraj)
​Students are introduced to the biblical foundations of the healing ministry and how they can minister and appropriate healing for others as well as to personally walk and live in health.
6. The Believer’s Authority (Rev Kevin Teo)
This course will equip the student with a biblical understanding of the authority he/she has in Christ.
Students will also learn how to exercise this authority to live a victorious Christian life.
7. Discipleship (Rev George Butron)
​This course provides an overview of Christian discipleship with the emphasis of equipping students to be effective at the individual level and for the Body of Christ.
8. Power Evangelism (Rev Benjamin Chew)

This course leads the students back to biblical evangelism so that they learn to rely upon the Holy Spirit, to hear His voice and to operate His gifts in their daily lives, as witnesses for His kingdom.





These are practical opportunities where what is learnt is taken out and applied in the field. GA Opportunities are usually conducted across one weekend, on Saturday and Sunday.​

Encounter Weekend


A 2D1N local weekend-away as students corporately worship, seek and encounter God. Packed with teaching, group discussions, devotions, ministry and worship.  

Silent Retreat


A 3D2N weekend retreat for personal encounter with God. An opportunity to apply and practice spiritual disciplines for personal growth and intimacy with God.

Ministry Trip


A 2D1N weekend out of Singapore. Students are organised into ministry teams and are given the opportunity to preach, pray, minister, and apply what they have learnt.

Ministry Project


Exposure to social concerns and community needs across one or two weekends. An opportunity to serve the less fortunate, to bring a word of encouragement and to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. 


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In line with the name of the course, students learn through easily digestible lessons, hands-on and practical approach. Particularly the Growth and Application Opportunity" during the Batam Ministry which was the most effective learning curve; I witnessed first-hand the presence of God and the mighty works of the Holy Spirit working through our humble selves. My level of faith had raised many folds. I believed my relationship with God has been strengthened, knowing my position in Christ and I am more ready to embrace it and to declare the words of the Lord.
Praise be to God!
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