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The applicant must:

•  Be a born-again, baptised believer with a genuine desire for Christian service.
•  Be at least 18 years old on the date of admission.
•  Be proficient in the use of the English Language.
•  Pass an oral entrance interview.


Fill in the application form completely.

Provide a photocopy of your NRIC as well as a photocopy of your academic certificate (highest standard passed) and a transcript of your results.

Send your completed application form together with all the relevant documents to: “Covenant Vision School of Ministry, 2 Kallang Ave, CT HUB, #03-10, Singapore 339407.” Please note that if the application forms are incomplete or if there are missing documents, your application may not be approved.

Applicants will be required to go through an interview. Our office will contact you regarding the interview upon receiving your application.


Applicants will receive a written notification of the outcome of their application. Successful applicants will receive a letter of acceptance. Unsuccessful applicants will also be notified.

Upon successful application and admission, a one-time registration fee (S$100.00 for Fast Track; S$150.00 for Flexi Track) is to be paid to COVENANT VISION CENTRE.

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