MINISTER                           MATURE                           MANIFEST

Covenant Vision School of Ministry (CVSOM) is not just another Christian Bible School. What we need today is more application; distinguishing doers from hearers. CVSOM is committed to teaching ministry skills that enable believers for relevant, meaningful and practical Christian Ministry. 

CVSOM has had the privilege of training and equipping students from more than 84 local churches in Singapore. And our students graduate from CVSOM as transformed individuals, by the Holy Spirit, maturing in the image of Christ and Manifesting the glory of God in their lives. 

Our programmes are designed to activate you to become full-time ministers for Jesus in every area of your life. After going through our course, you can expect to see a difference in the way you view Christian ministry, the way you conduct yourself, the way you serve others and the way you serve the Lord.


To MINISTER in the name of Jesus

To MATURE into the image of Jesus

To MANIFEST the glory of Jesus


To provide Word-based, Spirit-led, Faith-filled teachings, training, and ministry to fulfil the commission of Jesus Christ, to preach the Kingdom of God, to heal the sick and set the captives free.




The Certificate in Practical Christian Ministry was launched in 2007. This programme is for all in the Body of Christ who understand and desire to fulfil the Great Commission and be raised up for the Lord's purposes in these final days. Through a hands-on and practical approach, the Certificate programme aims to challenge the Christian to be doers of the Word, with the key emphasis for knowledge to be used and applied in his or her life, situations and spiritual walk.


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